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Joseph Isabella is an attorney who represents clients in mediations and arbitratin.


We engage in litigation in each of the firm's substantive areas of practice before the Courts of Common Pleas, Municipal Courts, and the Federal District Courts throughout the State of Ohio. 


We have been representing our clients in mediations and arbitration as a panelist for the American Arbitration Association‘s Panel for Large Complex Construction Disputes since 2008. The level of sophistication of litigation varies from relatively simple matters to those involving significant and complicated issues. Our representation includes providing our services to plaintiffs, defendants, and third parties involved in the legal process as well as undertaking all efforts to resolve such matters, both prior to and during litigation.

Our practice has experience in a variety of areas of law, including the general areas of litigation regarding contract, commercial, and construction disputes, business torts, fiduciary and partnership disputes, corporate disputes in closely-held businesses, private business transactions and post-closing disputes, contract, business and investment fraud, shareholder disputes, real estate litigation, including tax valuation disputes, employment litigation, including restrictive covenants and trade secrets, and probate and trust litigation.

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