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Joseph Isabella is a real estate attorney who provides services to clients in the completon o all types of real estate transactions, both owners and tenants.


We provide daily advice to clients in the completion of all types of real estate transactions, whether sophisticated or routine, relating to the acquisition, financing, development, environmental management, financing, ownership, maintenance, zoning, and disposition of all types of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate, as well as real estate tax controversies. 


Our practice represents owners and tenants in leases of apartments, industrial buildings, and condominium developments. We assist our clients when they acquire, sell, finance, lease, and construct all types of real estate, from large commercial facilities to personal homes. We represent property owners, developers, design professionals, contractors, landlords, tenants, home builders, condominium owners, and homeowners in resolving their respective real estate issues.


Our broad level of knowledge allows us to provide efficient and effective client service. We focus and understand how the big picture concepts mesh with the small details, allowing us to successfully lead clients through contract drafting and negotiation, due diligence investigations, municipal approvals, ownership and management issues, and dispute resolution.

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